Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Dad

Dad, I cherish your birthday,
because when you were born,
I got a role model
to show me how a man should be.
Especially on your birthday,
I compare (myself/other men) to you.
I (aspire to/look for) your strength
in making hard decisions
that can’t be avoided.
I appreciate your good character,
your respect for others,
your willingness
to lend a helping hand
even if it’s incovenient for you.
On your birthday,
I’m so very grateful for your love,
a fatherly love that gives me
purpose and direction
as well as peaceful inner security.
Dad, on your birthday, let me just say...
there are no words to express
how grateful I am that you were born
and that you are my dad.

Happy Birthday My Dad... Mr.Nianti Sadal